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Contacts to Clients: Get Buy-in for Your Law Firm CRM Project

CRM Toolkit

Get buy-in for your law firm CRM project for better ROI A recent industry report found that while most law firms have a CRM solution, few firms report receiving a return on their investment (ROI). ROI can be difficult to prove when the system doesn’t align with the firm’s strategic goals and objectives. CRM is…

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Six Steps to a Winning Law Firm CRM Strategy

Transform Your Law Firm CRM Strategy and Maximize ROI The right client relationship management (CRM) solution can pay for itself many times. To be successful, you need to understand your law firm’s CRM strategy. An effective law firm CRM solution aligns with your firm’s strategic goals and objectives. This is why it is important to…

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Five Steps to Mastering Your 2024 Law Firm Marketing Budget

Master your law firm marketing budget for maximum ROI One of the most important and often frustrating tasks for law firm marketing professionals is creating and managing the firm’s marketing budget. You need to ensure you have the funds to accomplish your marketing goals and use those funds effectively to generate new business for the…

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Overcoming Common Barriers to CRM Adoption with ContactEase

A robust client relationship management (CRM) strategy is essential to a law firm’s growth in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace. CRM provides a centralized database to manage the firm’s relationships. The right CRM solution helps manage contacts and identify the activities that lead to new business. Yet, firmwide CRM adoption remains a struggle for many…

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