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Engage with your book of business like never before.

In the business of law, it all begins with your clients. Strong relationships are critical to the success of your firm and its lawyers. SurePoint's client relationship management (CRM) solution, ContactEase, empowers law firms, lawyers, and their marketing teams to stay connected with important clients and contacts and understand the activities that lead to new business.


Key Benefits

  • Industry-leading adoption rate: ContactEase is the easiest-to-use CRM for lawyers. Seamless Outlook integration means there's nothing new for them to learn.
  • A single source of truth: Current, correct, and critical data in one place for powerful knowledge sharing and coordinated business development firmwide.
  • Built-in tracking and reporting: Capture and share information to identify trends, uncover growth opportunities, and maximize ROI from business development and marketing activities.
  • Targeted marketing and focused business development: Easily manage firm mailing lists to communicate relevant information to important clients and contacts.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lookup
  • Change Tracker
  • Financial System Integration
  • Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM)
  • List Manager
  • Marketing Automation

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Many law firm CRM systems are overly complex requiring extensive training and outside resources, but ContactEase isn't one of them. With seamless Outlook integration and an industry-leading adoption rate, lawyers require minimal training. SurePoint's CRM solution, ContactEase makes it easy for law firms, lawyers, and their marketing teams to leverage relationship data and understand the activities that lead to new business. ContactEase provides lawyers and law firm marketing professionals with a powerful yet efficient CRM and suite of relationship management tools.

Key Benefits of CRM

  • Create centralized databases to share information
  • Realize productivity gains and increase employee efficiency
  • Maximize ROI with targeted marketing communications
  • Capture competitive intelligence on clients, prospects, and contacts
  • Track and report on business development activity
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    ContactEase Lookup is a browser-based application that provides lawyers with easy access to the firm's CRM data. No matter where your users are working, they’ll always have access to the most current and up-to-date information. Lawyers can easily locate contacts by name, company, location, or category and call, text or email directly from their mobile device.

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    Change Tracker

    Don't be the last to know about significant changes to your firm's contacts. Staying in touch and on top of significant changes like a new job or a new office location are critical to client service. ContactEase Change Tracker provides lawyers with an automated report displaying changes made to their contacts so they'll know what is happening to their contact data and when.

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    Financial System Integration

    Integrating CRM with your firm's financial system eliminates data silos and provides easy access to the information you need to develop strategic marketing plans and for data-driven decision-making.

    Key Benefits of Financial System Integration

  • Identify areas of growth
  • Understand who's sending you business
  • Know when new clients join the firm
  • Eliminate data silos

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  • Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM)

    ContactEase Relationship Discovery is SurePoint's enterprise relationship management (ERM) solution. With our ERM solution, you can uncover and leverage valuable relationship data that never makes it into CRM.

    Key Benefits of ERM

  • Automatically capture relationship information from emails
  • Uncover contacts that never make it into Outlook or your CRM database
  • Enhance contact information with industry codes, email, and company data
  • Quickly and easily identify who has the strongest relationships
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    List Manager

    ContactEase List Manager makes it easy to ensure the right people are on the right lists. The marketing team or other designated users can quickly create surveys allowing lawyers to easily update firm mailing lists and edit contacts.


    Marketing Automation

    ContactEase features integrates with popular legal marketing automation platforms allowing you to share event and website data for powerful insights and knowledge sharing. In addition to a built-in email campaign tool, ContactEase offers a direct integration with Constant Contact making it easy to manage lists and track engagement.

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    ContactEase is CRM developed for how law firms, lawyers, and their marketing teams do business.


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