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Improve Firm Collections with SurePoint® Payment Services

Make it Easier for Your Clients to Pay Their Invoices and Get Paid Sooner

Accepting many options for payment is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. In every facet of daily life, whether buying something at retail or paying for services, the option to pay with a credit card, debit card, or linked bank account is more commonplace than expensive paper checks or ACH/wire transfer.


SurePoint Payment Services helps your firm operate more efficiently, spend less time on aged receivables and provides ways to pay that both consumers and businesses prefer. By including SurePoint’s digital payment option with e-invoicing, your firm can improve cashflow and reduce the time spent chasing outstanding balances.

SurePoint Payment Services
  • Seamless: With one click, clients can make payments fast, accelerating cash flow and collections.

  • Embedded: Ensure your invoices and reconciliation instantly reflect payments made to the firm.

  • Fast: Clients can instantly pay from any device and may earn other rewards from their credit cards at the same time.

  • Secure: Protect client payments with state-of-the-art technology that is ABA and IOLTA compliant.

Blog: The Art of Getting Paid: The Importance of Accounts Receivable Aging

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See the industry trends about receivables and industry data on collections and payments methodology.



Report: Javelin Strategy & Research - Receivables Data, February 2023

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Blog: The Art of Getting Paid: The Importance of Accounts Receivable Aging


Ready to learn more? Watch our Payment Services experts in on-demand webinars discussing trends in legal billing and how to best leverage industry best practices to increase cash flow and reduce write-offs.


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  • SurePoint Pay Now by Invoice/Email
  • SurePoint Pay Today Online
  • SurePoint Pay Today by Message
  • SurePoint Managed Subscriptions
  • SurePoint Personalized Payment Plans

SurePoint Pay Now by Invoice/Email

Combines Coyote Analytics or LMS e-Invoicing & Cardholder Initiated Payment
Pay Now by Invoice allows you to leverage your e-invoicing functionality and combine it with our new payment services. Your clients can easily pay with their credit card with a single click of the link in the invoice. There’s no need for your client to call and share their card information by phone.

The payment then automatically posts eliminating the need for manual reconciliation.

Additional features include the ability for your clients to submit full or partial payments to make collections easier. Your firm also has the ability to enable our payer surcharge feature.

Major networks accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AX, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

SurePoint Pay Today Online

Sharing a One-Time Payment Link With Clients to Pay by Credit or Debit Card
Another option for your clients is Pay Today. This is a one-time payment unique link you can send to a client after an interaction or reminder outreach to pay with a credit or debit card. A unique payment link will be created for your firm.

Use your Pay Today link when you need a client to pay immediately. Include the link in an email or SMS text message. Once clicked, a simple to use payment page will be displayed. Pay Today is not integrated with LMS/Coyote Analytics or any specific invoice. This feature is available if you need a client to pay an invoice urgently.

In addition, add a Pay Today link to your email signature with a QR Code or URL to make payment even easier.

SurePoint Pay Today by Message

Save Time With Unique One-Time Links
Share a one-time payment link with clients to pay by credit or debit card for retainer payments. These payments settle the designated IOLTA from the start, saving you time booking entries and conducting intra-bank transfers.

These one-time payment unique links can be sent to a client based on their state. A unique payment link will be created for your firm to share, including an option for recurring payments.

SurePoint Managed Subscriptions

Your clients are busy running their business and seek a way to help them budget their accounts payable obligations. SurePoint Managed Subscriptions offers your law firm the tools to create customized subscription plans. The monthly subscription payment is then applied to the client’s ongoing rendered service invoice(s).

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SurePoint Personalized Payment Plans

Sometimes a client needs help and requires a payment arrangement. SurePoint Personalized Payment Plans offers your finance team the tools to create, manage and book those arrangements with ease and simplicity.


Download the SurePoint Payment Services Overview
Already a member of the SurePoint community? Download the SurePoint Payment Services overview to learn more about how SurePoint Payment Services works with your existing practice management solution.

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