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February 20, 2024

No Longer Supported: When Law Firm Software is Sunset


The software you need to run your firm is no longer being supported, now what?

When your software provider informs you that they will no longer support the tool you rely on, navigating the next steps can be tricky. The consequences of depending on outdated software go far beyond inconvenience.

It is not uncommon for software companies to decide to sunset a solution.

PCLaw users discovered that the software won’t support older versions, limiting alternatives for law firm leaders.

  • Continue to operate with outdated legal software
  • Upgrade to a newer version of their current solution
  • Find a new product

Maintenance and support terms differ, but firms that rely on outdated software face some common risks.

Lack of Updates for Law Firm Software

Vendors regularly release updates for bug fixes, security, and performance improvements. Without a maintenance agreement, your software may become vulnerable to security risks and performance issues.

Increased Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Your Law Firm

With an increasing number of law firms facing cyberattacks, cybersecurity threats remain a constant concern for law firm IT leaders. Software vendors actively identify and patch vulnerabilities in their systems as they discover them. Without a maintenance agreement, you won’t receive timely security updates making your system more vulnerable to attacks and unauthorized access.

Limited Access to Technical Support and Other Resources

Maintenance agreements often include access to technical support. Without an active agreement, your firm faces increased downtime and fewer billable hours due to the lack of assistance during issues. A current maintenance agreement offers access to documentation, training resources, and community forums for troubleshooting and best practices. It may become more challenging to expand the use of the software without proper education and insight.

Compatibility Issues and Integrations

Technology is constantly evolving. Software needs to work with new hardware, operating systems, and other software applications. Without ongoing maintenance, your software may become incompatible with newer technologies and limit your ability to integrate with your firm’s essential systems like documentation management or CRM.

Increased Costs to Your Law Firm

Allowing your maintenance to lapse, regardless of the reason, is likely to cost your firm more than it saves. The cost to address security breaches, system instability, failures, and outdated technology can add up, affecting not only your firm’s service but its bottom line. Without a current agreement, addressing these issues may be challenging.

Don’t Let Outdated Software Control Your Firm

Not maintaining a current software maintenance agreement or choosing not to upgrade to a newer supported version can put your firm at risk. From a damaged reputation to denigrated data, don’t let outdated software keep you from running your firm. If you’re ready to upgrade the way you run your firm, connect with a SurePoint expert to learn more.

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