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September 5, 2023

Common Barriers to CRM Adoption at Law Firms

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Learn about common barriers to law firm CRM adoption and how to overcome them

A robust client relationship management (CRM) strategy is essential to a law firm’s growth in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace. CRM provides a centralized database to manage the firm’s relationships. The right CRM solution helps manage contacts and identify the activities that lead to new business. Yet, firmwide CRM adoption remains a struggle for many law firm marketing professionals.

More than 80% of law firms have a  CRM solution, yet fewer than 40% of lawyers use it. The top barriers to CRM adoption identified in the report were:

  • Lack of time
  • No requirement to use it
  • High level of data entry
  • Lawyers don’t understand the value of CRM

SurePoint’s Director of CRM Operations, Amber Elliott, has led hundreds of successful CRM implementations. As a former law firm marketer, she has a unique perspective. “It can be hard to get the lawyers on board. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for them.”

Barrier to CRM Adoption: Lack of Time

The report identified that lack of time was the biggest barrier to CRM adoption. If your CRM solution requires too much effort, your lawyers are unlikely to use it. ContactEase, SurePoint’s CRM solution, solves this problem by integrating with the systems your lawyers already know and use. This means there’s nothing new for your lawyers to use. Built-in tracking tools make it easy for lawyers to record business development activities and set reminders for follow-up.

Barrier to CRM Adoption: No Requirement to Use It

Purpose-built for law firms, SurePoint’s CRM solution is one of the most utilized in the legal industry. The seamless Outlook integration makes it easy for lawyers to record business development notes and update critical contact information. Built-in tools for tracking and reporting make it easy for law firm marketing teams to share results.

Barrier to CRM Adoption: High Level of Data Entry

Many CRM solutions are overly complicated and require a high level of data entry. ContactEase isn’t one of them. Seamless Outlook integration makes it easy for lawyers to update contacts and share important information. Adding an enterprise relationship management solution, like our Relationship Discover module makes it every easier to uncover the contacts that never make it into Outlook. ERM takes your CRM strategy from understanding who knows whom to who knows them best.

Barrier to CRM Adoption: Lawyers Don’t Understand the Value of CRM

The SurePoint team frequently shares best practices to help introduce CRM and its value to lawyers. A firm’s CRM strategy may evolve. Firms that start small, and with clear and attainable goals, are more likely to ensure long-term CRM success. Look for a solution that can evolve along with it.

The ContactEase Difference: Purpose-Built for Law Firms

Request a demo and learn why lawyers and law firm marketing teams love to use ContactEase.

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