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September 13, 2022

Top Five Ways for Midsize Law Firms to Leverage Technology

Leading the Way All In

Insights from “Leading the Way: The Business of Law in 2022 and Beyond” 

In this post, we’ll share insights from “Leading the Way: The Business of Law in 2022 and Beyond,” the newly-published ebook from SurePoint Technologies. We’ll share five ways midsize firms can use their competitive advantage and leverage technology to increase client service, unlock performance, and become more profitable.

1. Understand Your Competitive Advantage

When it comes to leveraging technology and leading the way in the business of law, midsize law firms are in an enviable position. These firms can pivot to meet the changing demands of their clients because they are big enough to offer vital resources for clients of any size yet small enough to provide dedicated and personalized attention. With less overhead, midsize firms can also offer more competitive pricing, nimbly respond to client requests, and quickly launch new practice areas and implement new technology all of which translates into greater efficiency and value to clients.

2. Use Your Financial Management Solution to Predict Performance

Spreadsheets and manual processes have their place, but they rely on human entry which takes time and can be susceptible to error. When you rely on manual processes, you may be looking at data that is stale or outdated. With the right technology in place, you’ll know the information you have is accurate, and it will speed up the process. Look for a platform like, SurePoint Technologies’ Legal Management System (LMS) or Coyote Analytics to deliver real-time visibility into your data firmwide.

3. CRM: More Than a Mailing List

As both a platform and a strategy, client relationship management (CRM) allows you to understand the relationships that lead to new business. When you integrate CRM with your firm’s financial and practice management system, you can eliminate data silos and see a complete client picture. With this information, you can better understand which marketing and business development activities work and do more of them. There are a handful of CRM solutions available on the market that have been developed specifically for law firms, including ContactEase, a SurePoint solution. With an industry-leading adoption rate, ContactEase has an industry-leading adoption rate and integrates with most industry-standard time and billing systems.

4. Automated Timekeeping: Increase Realization Rates and More

One of the most effective ways to leverage technology in a law firm is with automated timekeeping. Why? Not only does timekeeping impacts every aspect of a law firm, but research shows that lawyers who do not record time contemporaneously may lose as much as 25% of their billable time. An automated timekeeping solution can improve realization rates, and provide for greater accuracy, enhanced transparency, increased efficiency, and empowered operational decision making. In addition to having more accurate timekeeping, lawyers who spend less time on manual administrative tasks will have more time for strategic, high value work. They will also be much more likely to use their time effectively

5. The Cloud: Why Now

Historically, law firms have been reluctant to move to the cloud. Today’s cloud solutions are built on advanced layers of security that surpass those of any on-premises IT server. For many law firms, the pandemic expedited the move to the cloud. As firms return to the office, the flexibility and security of cloud solutions makes them a perfect complement to the hybrid model many firms are adopting. There is little doubt that cloud-based applications are here to stay. Law firms that move their on-premises solutions to the cloud benefit from predictable pricing, productivity, security, cost and access to ongoing improvements automatically. Considering a move to the cloud? Download our checklist for key considerations when transitioning from an on-premises solution to cloud technology.

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