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CRM Toolkit

Unlock Performance in Your CRM


Strong relationships are critical to a firm's growth and the success of its lawyers. Client relationship management (CRM) is both a strategy and a platform that empowers firms to stay connected with clients and referral sources and focus on the marketing activities that lead to new business. In the SurePoint CRM toolkit, you'll find plenty of tips and tricks to unlock performance and leverage data so you can focus on the marketing and business development activities that lead to new business.


Why Your Law Firm Needs CRM

Stay connected with important clients and contacts and use available data to:

  • Create centralized databases to share information
  • Realize productivity gains and increase employee efficiency
  • Maximize ROI with targeted marketing communications
  • Capture competitive intelligence on clients, prospects, and contacts
  • Track and report on business development activity


Holiday Card Resources for Law Firm Marketers

Today's CRM solutions can do everything from intake to marketing automation, but if you can't easily pull together a list or communicate with your firm's clients and contacts, how good are they? Client holiday cards and gifts are important to many lawyers. This time of year, we hear from law firms whose current platforms and processes aren't cutting it, making the most wonderful time of year one of the most frustrating for law firm marketers. Here, we've pulled together some of our favorite holiday card resources and best practices to help make this year a little less stressful.

Featured Webinar: Strategies for a Successful Holiday Card Season

In this on-demand webinar, Amber Elliott, Director of CRM Operations at SurePoint, is joined by two law firm marketing directors who share why holiday cards are important to their firms and their favorite tips, tricks, and best practices. Watch now for practical guidance and learn how CRM can help make this holiday card season the least stressful.

Blog: Holiday Card Success Series

From selecting the right card to ensuring your contacts receive it, holiday cards can be a real headache for your firm’s marketing team.  Our holiday card series examines how CRM can help relieve some of the most common frustrations.


Why CRM Ebook (1)


Why CRM: A Guide to Client Relationship Management for Law Firms
Client Relationship Management (CRM) is integral to a law firm’s success.  On its own, CRM provides powerful visibility into the relationships that exist within a firm. CRM can improve client satisfaction, unlock performance, and help firms become more profitable when used as part of a holistic strategy. Download “Why CRM: A Guide to Client Relationship Management for Law Firms” for actionable insights and practical guidance to help your firm grow with CRM.

On-Demand Webinars

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Budget Season 2024: How to Maximize Marketing ROI with CRM

Holiday Card Blog

Strategies for a Successful Holiday Card Season

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 Business Development Tracking

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How to Manage Events for ROI 

ContactEase in the News

Microsoft Teams

Legal World Magazine: Aligning CRM with Profitability and Financial Performance

SurePoint CEO, Tom Obermaier, and VP of CRM, Jennifer Whittier, discuss how forward-thinking firms can use CRM data to improve profitability and maximize financial performance.

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Legal IT Today: CRM Data Will Become an Important Part of Decision Making for Lawyers

Jennifer Whittier, VP of CRM at SurePoint Technologies shares her insight on the future of CRM and the role relationship data plays in the business of law

reinventing Professionals
Reinventing Professionals Podcast: Aligning CRM with Profitability and Financial Performance

SurePoint CEO, Tom Obermaier, and VP of CRM, Jennifer Whittier, join Ari Kaplan to discuss the role of CRM in law firm growth and profitability.


SurePoint Acquires ContactEase, Eyeing Midsize Firms' Demand for Legal Technology

Learn more about SurePoint's acquisition of ContactEase and what it means for the legal industry.

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