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Year-End Checklist for Law Firm Management

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Now is the perfect time to take stock of your law firm's operations and prepare for the year ahead. To help you streamline your year-end tasks and set your firm up for success, we created a year-end checklist just for you.


This comprehensive checklist covers essential areas of law firm management, including finance, human resources, systems and technology, office procedures, vendor agreements, marketing and business development, and client and matter files.


SurePoint's year-end checklist will help you identify and address potential risks and maximize your law firm's performance.


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Improve workflow and maximize financial performance and profitability by eliminating administrative burdens today!

  • Reduce manual, time intensive processes
  • Standardize and maximize time entry and billing
  • Reduce risk related to compliance and security
  • Better meet your clients’ operational demands

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"With SurePoint's sophisticated software, we can provide information quickly and accurately. It has helped eliminate a lot of back-and-forth and inefficient processes.”


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