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April 3, 2020

Work Remotely with Ease using SurePoint

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SurePoint’s customers know its Legal Management System (LMS) cloud solution was purpose-built for remote working: 

  • Enter your time remotely: Online or on your phone. Entering time, looking up client information and approving your time is just a few taps (or voice prompts) away with SurePoint’s mobile app. On your tablet or laptop, you can do all of that and more, including seeing how close you are tracking to your goals by viewing the Actual Calendar/Hours Trend.
  • Automatically track your time: Work on several matters simultaneously and have LMS automatically track your time for each one. Use a series of timers on My Time to start and end the virtual clock when working on several matters. 
  • Draft, edit, approve and send bills remotely: Don’t miss a step in your billing process while working remotely. Automatically send a single PDF containing each timekeeper’s pre-bills, which the timekeeper can mark-up electronically before you finalize. Alternatively, you can avail yourself of LMS’ online billing arsenal, enabling you to fully automate the process, automatically sending all a timekeeper’s prebills at once to be edited and approved. Then, when ready, email all bills to your clients.
  • Pay vendors and approve checks electronically: LMS is completely ACH ready. Rather than paying vendors by check, you can set up an ACH payment directly to your vendors’ accounts. Are you delaying approving checks because you aren’t physically in the office? With LMS, you can approve checks electronically. Just use the Check Request Workflow tool to define your electronic approval process.
  • Set up new clients and matters the way you like, where you like: The New Client/Matter tool electronically completes the intake process you design and routes the request for approval. Simple. Fast. Done.  

About SurePoint Technologies

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