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Parnership Spotlight

SurePoint and LawToolBox

SurePoint's strategic partnership with LawToolBox empowers firms by combining SurePoint’s client management, practice management, and financial management solutions with LawToolBox’s legal calendaring and court rules-based deadline capabilities.


This partnership allows law firms who leverage both SurePoint solutions and LawToolBox to track legal deadlines, manage clients and matters, automate billing, and gain actionable insights from one central location. SurePoint customers can now receive access to LawToolBox365’s cloud-based legal deadline calculator and its proprietary, court rules-based calendaring and matter management from within their current practice and financial management system.

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Key Benefits

Award Winning LawToolBox for Microsoft 365

Turn Microsoft Outlook and Teams into a legal productivity hub. In one-click, pre-configure Teams with all the apps you use to manage matters. Manage matters, calendars, deadlines, files, notes, and more inside Outlook, Teams, a browser, or from inside your SurePoint solution.

Connect Court Rules to SurePoint's Solutions

Enable centralized docketing with dashboards to see upcoming deadlines, matters, events, and more linked to your practice management platform.

Integrate with SurePoint's Solutions

SurePoint’s practice management solutions empower legal professionals to work more efficiently, driving the performance and profitability of the firm. Get data about your practice, clients, matters, dockets, calendars, contacts, watchlists, workflow and more.

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Make Every Minute Count

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Discover a seamless experience with LawToolBox's deadline management in SurePoint's comprehensive suite for practice management, financial management, business intelligence, client relationship management, and payment services.


Track legal deadlines, manage clients and matters, automate billing, and gain actionable insights all from one central hub.


Connect with a SurePoint expert today to learn how SurePoint's solutions have helped more than 100,000 users eliminate administrative burdens and unlock higher performance.