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Leading the Way: The Business of Law in 2022 and Beyond

There is no doubt that midsize law firms have a number of unique competitive advantages in the business of law. With fewer barriers to strategic decision making, midsize firms can easily pivot and innovate faster than their big law colleagues.


Midsize firms can also offer more competitive pricing, nimbly respond to client requests, launch new practice areas, and quickly implement new technology which leads to greater efficiency for the firm and greater value to clients.


Providing practical guidance and a framework for success, "Leading the Way: The Business of Law in 2022 and Beyond" takes a deep dive into how growth-oriented law firms leverage technology to set themselves apart and lead the way in the business of law.


We'll cover:

  • Client service: Understand what your clients want and how to deliver it
  • Managing your firm: The tools you need to identify, evaluate and track key performance indicators
  • Forecasting performance and profitability: Where planning becomes reality
  • Automated timekeeping: Driving profitability by setting, monitoring, and communicating performance
  • Benefits of cloud-based solutions: Why now is the time to move to the cloud


Download the eBook and learn how midsize firms are leading the way in the business of law.

Leading the Way