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November 22, 2023

Navigating the Process of Implementing a Financial and Practice Management Solution

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On November 13, 2023, SurePoint’s Cindy Summers, Sales Engineer, met with Ed Deaton, VP of Marketing, for a webinar on “How NOT to Implement a Financial and Practice Management System for Your Law Firm.” In this blog post, we’ll dive into key takeaways from the webinar, covering topics such as finding the right vendor, preparing for implementation, and avoiding pitfalls to ensure a successful rollout.

Changing your financial and practice management system

Reasons for a firm to change its solution vary from the need for better transparency and increased efficiency to handling growth and evolving client demands.

Overcoming resistance to change

Change can be challenging, especially when considering factors such as data migration, contractual obligations, and possible resistance from managing partners who may prefer their current system. Planning and preparing for change ensures logical and well-thought-out processes.

Selecting the right vendor

When selecting the right vendor, consider reputation, experience, and references from comparable firms. Ask vendors about their experience with migrations from the current platform to theirs.

Mapping out your law firm’s budget

When mapping out the budget for a new solution, consider all data points, integration needs, and the state of existing data. Ask your vendor about additional costs for training and implementation.

Expecting value from the new system

The value of a new system depends on individual perspectives within the firm. Whether saving time on administrative tasks, improving client focus, or obtaining better financial and management reports, firms should identify their unique values and communicate them to vendors.

Navigating vendor partnerships

Subtle red flags may arise during vendor interactions. Trust your instincts. Listening closely during demonstrations, identifying internal misalignments, and seeking references were highlighted as key strategies to spot potential issues ahead of time.

Getting started

Implementing a financial and practice management system for a law firm is a significant undertaking, requiring careful planning, collaboration, and thorough research. Researching potential solutions is important and the process should involve key decision-makers. Firms should also reach out to existing providers to explore potential solutions.

Firms can navigate the process of implementing a financial and practice management solution successfully, ensuring a smooth transition and realizing the full benefits of their new system. If you’re considering such a change, remember to start out as you intend to go on and embrace the opportunities that come with technological advancements in the legal field.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn more about the common mistakes to avoid when implementing a new financial and practice management solution. To learn how SurePoint’s solutions can help your firm, contact us today.

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