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Embracing the Changes and the Challenges in a Pandemic

Insights into how technology can support your law firm from legal experts


In August of 2020, Paul Walker, Controller, Snow Christensen & Martineau, Stephanie Storkel, Chief Operating Officer, Pedersen & Houpt and Tom Obermaier, Chief Executive Officer, SurePoint® Technologies, met to speak with the Law Journal Newsletters about the impact the 2020 pandemic had on law firms across the country and how they can prepare for the future.


Read the full "COVID-19 and Working Remotely: Embracing the Changes and the Challenges in a Pandemic" article in the Law Journal Newsletters today to learn the answers to the following questions:


  • How are firms measuring and looking at profitability in light of the impact of COVID-19?
  • What strategies and tactics can firms implement to drive productivity and engagement in a virtual environment?
  • Are there any existing tools that could be improved upon to help make remote work easier for the tech team, the lawyers, and the clients?
  • What are the most common mistakes law firms make when it comes to technology used for billing/accounting purposes?
  • What can law firms do to bolster tech support at this time, and to prevent this issue in the future?
  • How might technological tools such as legal management software and e-signature and epayment tools contribute to a work-from-home environment?
  • Which tools are most essential to ensure that a law firm can function virtually?


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