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November 21, 2023

The ROI of CRM: How Law Firms Boost Revenue with ContactEase

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With several contact databases and thousands of contacts on paper, pulling together marketing lists and maintaining current contact information was impossible for this 100-lawyer firm. The firm’s marketing leader knew there had to be a more efficient way to communicate with important clients and contacts and share news from the firm. Working with a CRM consultant, the firm reviewed several solutions, ultimately selecting SurePoint’s CRM solution ContactEase, for its ease of use, seamless Outlook integration, and industry-leading adoption rate.


The firm needed to manage contacts and share business development information effectively. With two prior CRM implementations, there were significant challenges to overcome:

Earlier systems were difficult to use and failed to meet expectations:
Earlier CRM solutions failed because they were not developed for law firms. This firm knew that for a CRM to succeed, it needed to be easy for the lawyers to use and integrate with Outlook, where the lawyers manage their contacts.

Lawyers didn’t see the value in CRM:
Because lawyers considered CRM a marketing-only initiative, it was important to show the value of CRM firmwide.

Inefficient systems and processes:
Sending targeted communications and promoting firm events was nearly impossible. Some contacts received multiple mailings, while others received none. Without a centralized database, important contacts were missing from mailing lists.

Firmwide integration:
Earlier systems failed to integrate with the firm’s other systems, resulting in significant data silos and stifling cross-selling opportunities and impacting client service.


The firm realized significant improvements to its marketing operations and business development processes after launching ContactEase:

Firmwide adoption of CRM:
Seamless Outlook integration makes it easy for lawyers to update contacts with business development information and add them to mailing lists. The Outlook environment is familiar and requires nothing new for them to learn.

Firmwide knowledge sharing:
Lawyers can easily see who knows whom, understand who is sending the firm business, and identify opportunities for cross-selling.

Increased marketing communications:
ContactEase makes it easy to pull together targeted mailing lists and ensure that contacts receive relevant and timely communications.


The firm has seen tremendous improvements to its marketing function following the implementation of ContactEase. Seamless Outlook integration ensured the firm’s lawyers used the CRM for powerful firmwide knowledge sharing. The firm has also seen improvements to its bottom line.

CRM can pay for itself many times over with the right solution in place, one that aligns with a firm’s strategic goals and objectives. Here are some of the results the firm experienced during its first few years using ContactEase:

  • $50,000+ saved on marketing expenses
  • 200% increase in targeted communications
  • $15,000+ annual savings on list management
  • $100,000+ new client fees
  • 149% ROI

Unlike the firm’s earlier systems, the firm’s lawyers are not only using ContactEase but also seeing the benefits of their business development efforts.

There are three things I really like about ContactEase: it’s easy for me to use, I can send news to a targeted group of contacts quickly, and getting the news out always results in clients calling.

ContactEase has saved us hours of time, allowing us to focus on other priorities.”

The right solutions with the right strategy will take your firm to the next level. The sooner you get it, the sooner you’ll get there!

Why ContactEase:
For any firm to succeed with CRM, the system must align with its strategic goals and objectives. This is why it was critical for the firm’s marketing team to meet with lawyers to identify areas of importance and understand expectations. These discussions ultimately led the firm to ContactEase, which was selected for its industry-leading adoption rate and ease of use. Connect with one of our experts to learn how easy it can be to get started with CRM and start showing ROI.

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