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November 21, 2023

Streamlining Workflows and Increasing Efficiency: How Stebelton Snider Simplified Firm Operations

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Stebelton Snider LPA, located in Lancaster, Ohio, was founded over 40 years ago when Jerry Stebelton started the firm in 1978. The firm represents families, individuals, and small and medium-sized businesses in various practice areas, such as business law, environmental law, civil litigation, criminal defense, employment law, family law, and more. 


 In the fast-paced world of legal practice, responsiveness and efficiency are paramount. For Stebelton Snider, these qualities were central to its operations as it handles complex cases and requires quick access to critical information. To enhance the firm’s operational efficiency, it needed to implement comprehensive financial and practice management software. 

Our firm prides itself on delivering exceptional service and maintaining a high level of productivity. We knew that any software solution we adopted needed to align with our core values and streamline our workflows.


Before adopting Coyote Analytics, Stebelton Snider faced some challenges: 

System Timeliness:
Quick responses and resolutions are critical in the legal field. Stebelton Snider needed a system that could provide answers and solutions within 24 hours or less, especially when dealing with time-sensitive cases.  

Workflow Efficiency:
The firm needed a solution that could support it throughout its extended hours, providing uninterrupted access to essential information and tools. 

Billing and Document Management:
Managing billing processes and documents was time-consuming and required extensive manual effort, leading to increased firm costs. 

Research Efficiency:
Efficient research is vital, and the firm needed a solution that allowed its attorneys to find information quickly. 


With the implementation of Coyote Analytics, Stebelton Snider experienced significant improvements in its operations: 

Rapid Turnaround Time:
Coyote Analytics’ responsiveness allowed the firm to resolve issues and answer questions within 24 hours or less, ensuring it met its clients’ expectations for timely service. 

Enhanced Accessibility:
The system’s accessibility enabled Stebelton Snider to work efficiently for extended hours when needed, providing access to financials and essential information without interruptions. 

Streamlined Billing:
Coyote Analytics simplified the firm’s billing processes, reducing the time and effort required to generate bills and pre-bills. This led to cost savings. 

Efficient Research:
The software’s comprehensive database eliminated the need for extensive manual research, providing quick access to information that attorneys needed, even on their mobile devices. 

User-Friendly Transition:
The transition to Coyote Analytics was smooth. The software’s user-friendly interface and robust support ensured that the Stebelton Snider team adapted quickly. 

“Coyote Analytics has helped transform our operations by addressing key challenges and delivering significant benefits. The software’s responsiveness, efficiency, and cost-saving capabilities have allowed us to enhance our service quality and maintain our commitment to excellence in the legal field.”


The adoption of Coyote Analytics brought about remarkable results for Stebelton Snider: 

Improved Efficiency:
Turnaround times for case resolution significantly improved, meeting the demands of the firm’s clients and contributing to its reputation for responsiveness.  

Cost Savings:
Streamlined billing and document management processes resulted in cost savings. Coyote Analytics helped reduce manual efforts while also enhancing the firm’s competitiveness. 

Enhanced Research:
Attorneys could now access information swiftly, reducing the need for time-consuming research. 

User Satisfaction:
The ease of use and responsive support of Coyote Analytics ensured that Stebelton Snider’s team adapted well to the new system, reducing the learning curve, and ensuring a seamless implementation and transition. 

“We now have more time to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional legal services to our clients.” 

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