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November 21, 2023

Real-Time Efficiency: How One Firm Streamlined Its Workflows



A west coast law firm representing clients in matters involving estate planning, estate and trust administration and litigation, family law, civil and commercial litigation, and tax controversy and planning. 


 The firm needed a system that would have a transformative impact on its financial operations and data management. The firm was looking for a solution to reduce time and effort reconciling data from separate systems. 

 “The software has given me peace of mind. I have better internal control and access to real-time data that I can disseminate quickly, all from one system.”


 Before the firm implemented Coyote Analytics, it faced some challenges: 

 Data Accessibility:
 Having a centralized solution that can provide data quickly is paramount to any law firm. The firm needed a system to monitor, analyze, and share critical information efficiently. 

Workflow Efficiency:
Due to manual processes, the firm could take up to three weeks to complete the billing process. The firm needed to decrease the time it took to close its month-end. 

Billing Costs:
The traditional billing method involving paper bills and postage incurred significant costs, both in terms of materials and time, for the firm. 


Since implementing Coyote Analytics, the firm has seen significant operational improvements: 

Real-Time Data:
With a unified dashboard and internal control, the firm now has access to real-time data. This enabled the firm to achieve internal control, offer users personalized access, and present information effectively. 

Billing Process Optimization:
The firm shortened its month-end closing from three weeks to just a few days resulting in a substantial positive impact on collections. 

Timely Assistance:
Quick response times and effective resolutions from SurePoint’s customer support team proved invaluable to the firm during the implementation and transition period. 

Cost Reduction:
The firm moved to a paperless billing process resulting in substantial savings on paper and postage, not to mention the time and effort required for preparation and mailing. 

“We can process billing faster than ever before, and we can even close the month at month end. That is a big deal.”


The firm continues to experience remarkable results with Coyote Analytics: 

Enhanced Control and Transparency:
The firm has access to real-time data on a single dashboard, promoting better internal control and information dissemination. 

Improved Efficiency:
Billing time was reduced from three weeks to just a few days, leading to quicker collections and improved cash flow. 

Responsive Support:
Customer support has proven quick and effective in addressing the firm’s questions and any issues that may arise. 

“The support team is very quick in responding to our needs. They answer quickly when I call and provide a solution right then and there.” 

Cost Savings:
The transition from paper bills to email delivery has saved the firm thousands of dollars annually, in addition to reducing the time and effort required for billing. 

“We save a lot of money with paperless workflows. We’ve drastically reduced paper bills, postage, and the time and effort to mail everything. It’s now mostly done via email, which the system creates automatically so we don’t have to go searching for client numbers, addresses, or billing numbers.” 

With SurePoint, the firm transformed its financial operations and experienced an immediate and long-lasting impact on billing processes and workflow efficiencies. Contact one of our experts to learn how your firm can harness the full power of SurePoint’s financial and practice management software. 

SurePoint® Technologies is the leading provider of award-winning software that improves workflow and maximizes financial performance and profitability for law firms. SurePoint’s solutions integrate client management, practice management, and financial management for powerful relationship-building and knowledge-sharing capability. With a community of more than 100,000 members, SurePoint continues to transform the legal industry by enabling law firms to unlock higher performance, freeing lawyers of administrative burdens so they can spend more time focusing on their clients and their practices. 

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