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November 21, 2023

Path to Productivity: How McCabe & Mack LLP Stays Ahead of the Curve

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McCabe & Mack LLP is a full-service law firm in Poughkeepsie, New York. The firm traces its roots back over 125 years to the pioneering law practice of John E. Mack and provides counsel to clients in the Hudson Valley region and throughout New York. McCabe & Mack represents individuals, businesses, and institutions on various matters, including estate planning, business counsel and litigation, banking and lending, personal injury, and real estate and development, among others.


In 2017, McCabe & Mack made a pivotal decision to adopt the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS). The transition from a traditional, on-site server to a cloud-based solution was driven by the desire to improve efficiency and productivity across the firm. 

As a firm administrator with diverse responsibilities, I recognized the importance of a system that would not only simplify our operational processes but also reduce the technological burdens we had to manage.


McCabe & Mack has a rich history and a reputation for excellence in legal services. It was crucial that any software the firm implemented not only improved efficiency but also maintained their high standards of service. Before implementing LMS, McCabe & Mack faced some challenges: 

Dependence on Traditional Systems:
Relying on traditional, server-based systems meant the firm was bound by location and limited by the need for individual applications on each computer. 

Inefficient Workflows:
Cumbersome administrative processes led to inefficiencies and required a higher headcount than desired. 

Time Tracking Issues:
Tracking billable hours was sometimes a manual and error-prone process, leading to missed billable opportunities and revenue. 

Technological Maintenance:
Maintaining on-site servers and dealing with frequent user issues added to the workload of the firm’s IT team. 


With the implementation of LMS, McCabe & Mack experienced significant improvements in its operations: 

Web-Based Accessibility:
SurePoint’s web-based nature provided McCabe & Mack with the flexibility to access the system from any location with an internet connection, reducing reliance on specific computers or an on-site server. 

Automated Updates:
Regular updates, generated overnight, ensured that the software remained up to date with seamless changes, enhancing everyday work processes. 

Improved Efficiency:
The software streamlined administrative processes, resulting in reduced staffing requirements in the accounting department. The firm was able to reallocate resources to other areas, optimizing its teams. 

Real-Time Time Tracking:
Attorneys could now enter their billable hours in real-time, improving accuracy and enabling the firm to capture more billable hours, ultimately increasing profits. 

Ease of Use:
The user-friendly interface of LMS made it easy for attorneys to enter their billable hours, allowing them to focus on their legal work and other firm-related activities. 

The transition to LMS significantly reduced technological burdens, streamlined operations, and enhanced our firm’s overall efficiency. It also eliminated the need for on-site servers, simplifying maintenance and reducing user-related issues.


The adoption of LMS brought about remarkable results for McCabe & Mack. 

Increased Efficiency:
Streamlined workflows allow the firm to achieve the same level of productivity with fewer staff, resulting in cost savings and improved resource allocation. 

“LMS saves us a lot of steps and allows us to automate and operate more efficiently. We were able to reallocate our resources to where they were truly needed.” 

Billable Hour Tracking:
Attorneys can easily track their billable hours, leading to a significant increase in captured billable time, enhancing the firm’s revenue stream. 

“If our attorneys are in court, they can enter their time for that. Time entry is making things much more efficient. When attorneys enter their own time, in real time, we’re capturing more time, which in the end means more profit for the firm.” 

User Satisfaction:
The system’s ease of use not only reduces technological issues but also contributes to higher employee morale, enabling staff to focus on more valuable tasks. 

“We have more time to focus on our clients and the community.” 

SurePoint’s solutions helped McCabe & Mack LLP continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape while maintaining its commitment to client service. Contact one of our experts to learn how your firm can overcome administrative burdens to increase efficiency and profitability today. 

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