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September 8, 2022

Reflections From the Virtual Lunch: Jaclyn Braga, Director of Marketing at Morse

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Ari Kaplan Interviews Jaclyn Braga, Director of Marketing at Morse

Throughout the month of August, SurePoint Technologies sponsored the Virtual Lunch with a focus on Igniting Innovation. The Virtual Lunch is hosted by Ari Kaplan, a legal industry analyst/speaker and Reinventing Professionals podcast host. Ari brings together people from the legal community every day from 12pm – 1pm ET to discuss a variety of topics. Sign up to join.

The Virtual Lunch on August 19 featured Jaclyn Braga, Director of Marketing at Morse, a law firm based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Jaclyn joined the Virtual Lunch to share her legal marketing background and talked about embracing technology when it comes to problem solving and using data to determine marketing success.

Below are some key takeaways from the chat!

Jaclyn joined Morse in 2008 and currently leads the Marketing team for the 40-lawyer law firm. She focuses on brand consistency, business development and public relations initiatives, and strategic planning, as well as advertising, events, social media, budget management, and more.

When asked what has changed about legal marketing during her tenure at the firm, Jaclyn shared that there have been many advancements in digital marketing, such as with virtual events and the rise of podcasts. There have also been a lot of changes when it comes to managing business data and client relationships. And with new touchpoints comes new technology.

“Our firm has a range of tech capabilities, but we had to go through a transition to get where we are today,” said Jaclyn. “Going remote as well as moving things to the Cloud was a big change but it has been great.”

Morse was able to find solutions while growing its technology stack with its use of the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) and ContactEase CRM. “SurePoint asked what we needed, listened to our suggestions, then engineered a solution,” said Jaclyn. “We’ve become accustomed to their user-friendly software and hassle-free customer service. Adding ContactEase’s proven CRM to SurePoint’s already exceptional software suite offers value that increases our loyalty, because it opens up more opportunities to better serve our clients.”

In addition, Jaclyn shared that her team is able to rely heavily on data to determine marketing success and to get buy-in for new projects, such as using ContactEase to track and search transactions and send holiday cards.

Jaclyn credits her team’s success to being able to adapt to change and new ways of working in the legal services industry. “Being creative when problem solving and focusing on resource allocation is critical,” said Jaclyn. “Also, thinking more holistically and being flexible when approaching new opportunities is equally important.”

Thank you to Jaclyn for being a special guest on the Virtual Lunch!

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