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Implementing Financial Intelligence Report

Giving Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond

In an effort to identify key trends among law firm financial leaders a consortium including SurePoint Technologies engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to interview 30 law firm financial leaders regarding:

  • Elevated expectations of finance professionals
  • Impact of the pandemic on the business of law
  • Application of data to decision-making
  • Perception of profitability
  • The pace of innovation

Here is a sampling of the key findings:

  • 17% of the respondents work for firms that do not measure profitability.
  • 27% are exploring other service delivery models to increase profitability.
  • 93% reported that reliable, timely data can help law firms gain a competitive edge.
  • 15% calculate profitability at the firm level, 23% at the attorney level and 33% determine profitability at the matter level.

Implementing Financial Intelligence Infographic

Download this infographic for an overview of some of the key takeaways from the "Implementing Financial Intelligence: Giving Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond" report.

The full report was based on discussions with 30 law firm finance leaders to identify key trends across the legal industry.
SurePoint Implementing FinancialIntelligence
implementing financial intelligence image

Ari Kaplan spoke with legal tech industry leaders including Tom Obermaier, CEO of SurePoint Technologies, about the new "Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond" report on what the results and trends mean for the future of the legal industry. Listen to Ari's podcast with the consortium and read the interview and overviews below.

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"How Your Financial Management System Can Provide You with Better Business Intelligence"

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Technical and Workflow Evaluation

Whether your team is working remotely or in an office, it is critical that they have access to accurate and current data with the right processes in place to unlock greater levels of efficiency and financial performance. We have talked to hundreds of law firm leaders who are struggling with identifying the most impactful process improvements to make, getting immediate access to key performance indicators, and closing the books on time and with certainty.


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