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April 10, 2020

What’s Working for You: Desk Spaces That Stimulate and Motivate

Home Office

Happy Friday from our home office to yours. We’ve asked a few of our very own SurePoint employees to share pictures of their home offices to spark some creativity in your own workspaces. How have you set up your home office? What ignites motivation and inspiration throughout your day?

See below for how a few SurePointers have set up their home office.

Part creative, part science 

“I’m a creative at heart, so I have an eclectic variety of images and knick-knacks within eyesight to help spur ideas. I’m also part science, so for the science side of me I have some of my favorite thought leadership and reference books within reach to help generate solutions to help my customers. I have a lot of cubbies to hold these tools of my craft and I will update them from time to time to keep things fresh. Finally, I am a person who needs lots of natural light so no shades or curtains for me.” – Kimberly Peters, Director, Customer Programs & Community Event Management

PC setup workstation

A WeWork space at home 

“While sheltering here in San Francisco, I’ve started describing my house as a WeWork and my desk as my “workstation.” My workstation is currently in the center of my house, which also happens to be my dining room. I like the energy that’s created from that. At times, my daughter sits across from me and she “goes to work with me.” I think it’s her way of feeling like she’s at school and reminds her of sitting next to her classmates. I really enjoy it (you can see her hands in the below picture). She’s my co-creating colleague right now. I have everything I need to be productive: bright light (which gives me a lot of energy), my notes, and my office supplies caddy. I love that it’s portable and I can take it with me wherever I go in the house. Working in an agile space is very comfortable and familiar to me.” – Lydia Flocchini, Chief Data & Revenue Scientist 

Lydia Flocchini, Chief Data & Revenue Scientist 

Add a little something that sparks joy 

“I’m a very sensory-driven person. On the side, I dabble in interior design. So, a sense of space is important to me. Lighting is key. Even if it’s a lamp on my desk, it really effects my mood. I also like a little pop of greenery and something that smells good. Anything to make the ordinary extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Put a favorite picture of your family by your desk (I have one of my co-workers right now, since I don’t get to see them on a daily basis) or something that sparks joy. It goes a long way.

I also have these little colorful books that I got in my travels to Positano, Italy that sit on the left side of my desk. They add a little bit of color, inspiration, and joy. My husband and I won’t be traveling very much any time soon as we’re expecting our first little one! So, I live vicariously through those photos.” – Caitlin Benedetti, Shared Resource Project Manager

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