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Strategies for Unlocking Performance in Your CRM

Why CRM, Why Now

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In the business of law, it all begins with your clients and the value you provide. Maintaining relationships and rainmaking are critical to your personal success and the growth of your firm.


In this webinar, CRM expert Jennifer Whittier, and Lydia Flocchini, Chief Marketing Officer, walk you through the steps required to perform your own GAP analysis for evaluating your CRM technology. By the end of the session, you will have a roadmap for deploying CRM. The analysis covers:

  • The intersection of CRM capabilities that align with goals and objectives
  • Defining ROI in your methodology
  • Equipping the lawyers to drive revenue



Jennifer Whittier, VP of CRM - SurePoint
Lydia Flocchini, Chief Marketing Officer - SurePoint


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