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surepoint acquires leopard solutions

Enabling Holistic Firm Intelligence

SurePoint is excited to announce our acquisition of Leopard Solutions, a trusted leader in business intelligence and analysis for the legal industry. Leopard Solutions serves law firms of all sizes, corporate counsel, legal search professionals, and law schools.


This acquisition combines Leopard Solutions' competitive, market, and business intelligence data with SurePoint's practice and financial management solutions to create a deep understanding of a firm's people, specialty areas, and business development opportunities.


The combined intelligence allows us to provide a complete package of data solutions that arm midsize law firms with invaluable benchmarking insights to bridge the gap between financial and people intelligence and enable growth.


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Business Intelligence and Analysis for the Legal Industry

Level the Playing Field with Big Law

We understand that midsize law firms face the same challenges and opportunities as firms in Big Law, yet often lack the competitive intelligence and resources that larger firms have at their disposal. With access to Leopard Solutions' suite of intelligence technologies, your firm can gain valuable insights designed to maximize your firm's bottom line.

Gain  Comprehensive Insights into Your Business

As Leopard Solutions becomes part of the SurePoint portfolio of solutions, clients can leverage a complete package of firm intelligence insights, combining people intelligence with SurePoint's depth and breadth of accounting and financial operations, timekeeping, client relationship management, payment services, and business analytics. These insights will allow corporate counsel, legal search professionals, and law schools to understand their business better and maximize financial performance. 

Key Data for Informed Decision-Making and Growth

Harness Leopard Solutions' legal intelligence tools to unlock strategic insights and performance benchmarks and drive your firm's growth and innovation.

Strategic Insights

Access real-time market intelligence to inform strategic decision-making.


Streamline your firm's recruitment, retention, and lateral hiring.


Compare firm data against competitors and industry standards to track performance.

Client Development

Nurture relationships and understand the evolving needs of your firm's clients.

“Leopard BI is our go-to for researching alumni and corporate counsel connections to uncover opportunities. We also use it for research as we prepare for pitches before going in front of potential clients.”

Julie Gurney, Director of Practice and Industry Initiatives, Benesch

“Firmscape is the hammer in my recruiting tool belt as I use it every day. It helps me earn credibility when I talk with prospective laterals who are on the fence. I cannot tell you how many times the information from that platform has turned a no into a yes." 

Scott Love, President, The Attorney Search Group

“We use Leopard Solutions in more ways than you can imagine! Our marketing and business development teams actively use the alumni and corporate connection reports on Leopard BI to obtain many answers when preparing pitches for clients, whereas our recruiting and internal HR teams rely on Leopard List to get answers that help them in their attorney talent search.”

Jeanne Hammerstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Benesch

“It's simple, it's quick, and it's targeted. Leopard Solutions is one of those things that once you have it, you wonder how you could have ever worked without it.”

Richard Rahaim, Partner, Howard Williams & Rahaim

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