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May 14, 2024

Scaling Success: Empowering Law Firms for Growth and Profitability

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About the Firm 

Platt Richmond PLLC is a full-service law firm with offices in Dallas and Houston. The firm’s attorneys leverage “Big Law” expertise with competitive pricing to help clients in commercial real estate, corporate transactions, investment funds, tax planning, business litigation, employment law, bankruptcy, and intellectual property. The firm was recognized in the Chambers USA Regional Spotlight: Texas 2024, ranking in the Dallas-Corporate/Commercial and Dallas-Dispute Resolution categories.

Rapid Growth Requires Reliable Software

Platt Richmond’s rapid growth presented significant challenges for its existing legal management software, resulting in inefficiencies and frustrations. The firm encountered unresponsive customer service and malfunctioning reports, necessitating a search for a more reliable solution. The firm researched and evaluated several solutions before selecting the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS). This decision brought about transformative improvements to the firm’s efficiency, client intake processes, financial reporting, and profitability.

Implementing LMS has been a game changer for our firm. We went from weeks of client intake to just days. Our litigation team is busier than ever. It’s the best position we’ve ever beein in,and we attribute it to SurePoint.”

Kaitlyn Hopfer, Head of Finance at Platt Richmond

Rapid Growth Requires the Right Software

Platt Richmond experienced rapid growth, doubling in size in 2020. “As the firm grew, we found we were outgrowing our current software,” recalled Kaitlyn Hopfer, Head of Finance at the firm. Despite the initial user-friendliness of the firm’s current software, challenges mounted as the firm grew. Many tools and reports failed to deliver as promised, with critical reports for rate tables and time entry consistently malfunctioning. “The bigger our firm got, the bigger the report got, and the more issues we experienced,” she said, underscoring the inefficiencies affecting the firm’s workflows.

One crucial turning point prompting the firm to seek a new financial management solution was unreliable reporting. Despite attempts to address these issues with the software provider, the firm was met with impractical timelines and unresponsive customer service. The firm endured prolonged unresponsiveness and inadequate support throughout the process. exacerbating the frustration. “We just knew we couldn’t continue down the same path,” she said.

Before moving to the right solution, the firm had to find it. The firm’s selection process was spearheaded by the firm’s Finance Committee The committee researched potential software solutions, leveraging online reviews and legal industry peers to identify top contenders. After consolidating their findings, they narrowed down their options to four. This collaborative approach ensured thorough evaluation and alignment with the firm’s specific needs and objectives. SurePoint was the clear winner, providing the firm with a solution to their reporting needs.

SurePoint is Software Platt Richmond Can Count On

Since implementing LMS, Platt Richmond has experienced significant improvements in its operations, including a dramatic reduction in turnaround time for client intake.  The firm is generating reports with a click of a button and gaining valuable insights into financial performance. The firm identified and rectified inefficiencies in a practice area, resulting in improved profitability and operational efficiency. The firm’s billing processes are faster, month-end closings are quicker, and the collections process has improved—all contributing to the firm’s financial health while positioning it for continued success.

The challenges experienced by Platt Richmond are not unique, but they highlight the urgent demand for dependable, responsive, and reliable software solutions that law firms can count on. Firms rely on SurePoint’s solutions to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, enhance client service, and maximize financial performance.

Investing in the right solutions can empower firms to meet the demands of today’s dynamic legal environment and achieve success while positioning them for a successful future. Connect with an expert to learn more about SurePoint’s innovative and easy-to-use solutions for law firms!

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