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March 26, 2020

Business Continuity provides 24/7 access when your office is shuttered

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Until recently, perhaps the most understated benefit of moving to the cloud was built-in business continuity. Aside from significant cost savings, elimination of firm-specific maintenance, seamless updating and uniform training, SurePoint’s Legal Management System (LMS) cloud offering provided the industry’s only built-in continuity risk management: it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. 

In these unprecedented times, with thousands of law firms around the globe being temporarily shuttered, this aspect of LMS has become indispensable. LMS was designed to promote “working remotely.”  SurePoint’s cloud clients never gave a second thought about how to access LMS when they recently implemented their “work remotely” business continuity plans.

In 2016, Snow Christensen & Martineau (SCM) – a 54-attorney firm based in Salt Lake City – joined the SurePoint Community after an extensive search for a new practice management solution that would address the unique needs of their practice. Like thousands of law firms around the globe, SCM recently implemented a mandatory work-from-home policy for all attorneys and legal staff. SCM’s controller, Paul Walker, says the transition from working in-office to remote has been seamless through SurePoint’s LMS Cloud.

“LMS Workflow has been a lifesaver for our business and my accounting department,” said Walker. “We’ve literally had no downtime in transitioning our accounting department to working from home.”

In addition to business continuity and eliminating downtime, benefits of transitioning to a cloud-based solution include:

  • Heightened Security: Confidentiality and security are the leading concerns for law firms when it comes to utilizing the cloud; however, the layers of protection built into cloud technology far surpass that of any on-prem IT server.

  • Reliable Disaster Recovery: Data stored within the cloud will never be lost in the event of an emergency. From system crashes to natural disasters, all data is still retrievable for approved users at any time and from any place.

  • Remote Accessibility: Cloud clients can immediately access data from anywhere at any time and from any device, making work-on-the-go simple, flexible and profitable for your firm.

  • Cost Savings: Utilizing a cloud-based solution allows your practice to drastically reduce direct overhead costs by eliminating the need for expensive upfront fees, continued funding of on-premises, IT support and maintenance, and system upgrades.

  • Sensible Scalability: What makes sense for one firm may not necessarily make sense for another. The Cloud provides law firms with a scalable operations platform. As the business of your practice grows, so does your cloud storage, ensuring that you are only paying for what you need and use.

At SurePoint, we are committed to supporting you and your firm in any way that we can. We’re in this together. If you’re interested in learning more about how to run your office remotely, we’re here to help. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about entrusting your practice to advanced cloud solutions.

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